Land prices in Saigon "dancing", how to anal video escape the trap of the top traders?

According to real estate experts, the virtual fever of land prices in HCM City for the past several months has been the main cause is that the beans, unstable land use information is unclear to "blow".

However, customers need to see clearly that the fever is only in the ground segment of some coastal areas, not in the land and housing projects have been built.

Lentils and non-formal storks are the main cause

At the online discussion with the topic "Should be down in the" drunken "ground" this morning by the Youth Intelligence newspaper collaborated with CafeF held in HCM City, Le Hoang Chau - Chairman of the AV Mature Association of real estate Ho Chi Minh City (HoREA) affirmed that Decision 33 was promulgated by the city in 2014 with the goal of addressing the housing demand problem for the population. However, many Jav Beautiful 'land' have taken advantage of this decision, organize the collection and subdivision, sell the foundation without fulfilling the obligation to formulate projects, electricity, roads, schools, health ... contributing to "Land fever" several months back here.

In order to cover this loophole, there are many meetings between departments and experts to make the amended Decision. In particular, the most noteworthy point is the regulation of the project for the land area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 when separating the plot. In terms of business, this regulation will make it difficult for plots to lose holes and help prevent the phenomenon of separating plots separating plots breaking the planning.

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"I think that the biggest cause of the recent earthquake fever has been the influx of landlords and landlords, in which they use unclear planning information on transportation infrastructure projects. Even some districts to the district, but only a few words of the leaders when visiting these places are also being used by the bar traders, "Chau said.

Previously, storks did not have legal status, until the new Real Estate Business Law was born, real estate broker named real estate broker. Brokerage is the connection between supply - demand in the market, connecting investors - customers. So brokers are an inseparable part of the real estate market, but in practice brokers Jav Creampie who have practicable certificates are largely active in trading platforms, or companies. Real estate brokerage.

"However, many brokers still act as forensics, most of whom were not trained according to the regulations of the Ministry of Construction, nor did they have practicing certificates. They are the "culprit" to create virtual fever in coastal areas in the past, "Chau said.
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Accordingly, there are areas where they have occupied a lot of land, dividing the price of land, pump prices and control prices with many tricky tricks that people are easy to trap. Meanwhile, the Law on Housing and the Law on Real Estate Business contains prohibitions, including the provision of incomplete information, or providing false information about the project to deceive customers. Actually, the barbarians often provide false information or incomplete information for profit.

What do customers need to do to avoid trapping?

Some experts say that through the crisis years ago, the market has been refining, current real estate firms, home buyers, commercial banks, housing regulators Water also draw lessons that are extremely useful. All are smarter, better resistance so the market may not be crumbling like before.

Most importantly, experts said that the State Bank has a roadmap to limit credit to real estate, raising the risk in real estate to 200%, and have asked commercial banks to control Tight source of credit into real estate; The Ministry of Finance is working on drafting a tax law on homeowners and is expected to be issued by 2020; Congress is also discussing the Draft Law on Planning ... which will help to effectively control the real estate market in the direction of transparency, health and sustainability.

Asked whether Ho Chi Minh City would direct the police to stop the fever, many commented that it was only effective in preventing the captives or the landlords from being "the culprit. "Create fever, inflated false information for the pursuit of profit rather than market for the whole market.

Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, Deputy General Director of Him Lam Land, said that the purchase and sale must follow the rules of supply and demand, but still have the participation of state management agencies to ensure the market transparency. When the supply - demand is true, do not say but when the supply - demand distorts the virtual market, creating virtual fever. Therefore, there must be the intervention of the state with appropriate policies to regulate and adjust information for the market.

In order to clarify market information, Chau added that the HCM City People's Committee has directed the Department of Planning and Architecture by the end of 2017 to complete the detailed planning information disclosure software for the 1/2000 sector. The whole area where smartphone users can access is easy. The city also has instructed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with the Department of Justice and branches to complete the draft decision on minimum area when separating rural and urban land to replace Decision 33 years. 2014 to bring separation activities, subdivision into the old regulations, both solved the need to separate the land plots of the people, and have a legal land supply to meet the needs of customers.

Standing on the side of the customer, do not be trapped in the trap, when you want to buy land, you need to pay attention to the fact that the land has a red book and is qualified to apply for a construction permit or the seller gives orange Will the application be granted a construction permit? In particular, the price is appropriate to the financial ability of each customer, then we can then decide to buy down the money to build housing or investment.

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