A month tube sex of "tolerance", "relationship" one to two times, can you be pregnant?

Hi doctor, I want to seek medical advice following matter. My husband away from his wife, met a month only 1-2 days. This Tet longer he was on so we also have a lot more time together. But I think in a few days we were just "met" each are 1-2 times (though not the whole month "relationship" once for not together). 
1-2 times in the "relationship", the young lesbians couple I decided not to use contraception at all because they think "deprivation" all month so it will be difficult to stick elected 1-2 times suddenly (because the body both not ready). I think so is that right or not, whether you are pregnant it? Doctors advise eager to help you. I would like to thank you! 



You Lysa dear!

First of all, would like to share your joy of being inside in the first days of this year and also thank you for your interest, trust send questions to us. 

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However, it must be said always that your thinking is so completely wrong. Story pregnant or not get pregnant does not depend on the number of times the "relationship" of couples in one month, one year or one quarter. It also is not related to something the two of you had to "fast" for months and only "meet" once a month 1-2 random manner. 

1-2 ties nonpregnant 
Story pregnant or not get pregnant does not depend on the number of times the "relationship" of the couple. Illustration

Mechanism of conception occurs when the man's sperm swim into the uterus, fallopian tubes, having eggs and embryos constitute move on nesting in the uterus. Normally, each month, a woman body produces only one egg after ovulation and live 12-24 hours, thus, this is considered to be the golden time for conception. Because the egg survival time is not long, so if no "relationship" right time, the ability to get pregnant is not high. Normally, to conceive, doctors often recommend that couples should "briefings" in time from stripping when ovulation 2 days to 1 day after ovulation.


Maybe because of this reason that you think the "relationship" only 1-2 times a month will not be able to conceive. Actually not. If both 2 you healthy, when "the lucky" by 1-2 times that fall on the time of ovulation, the fertility can still happen. The important thing is you do not know your time of ovulation so subjective does not use any contraceptive method. Therefore, you need to track your menstrual cycle, if a long delay of the need to check with pregnancy test or examination to know she was pregnant or not offline. 

And next time, if you are in time, the couple plan you use appropriate contraceptive methods slightly. 

Wish you happy couple well, happy!


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