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According to Oriental medicine, blood cockle help cure hypertension, decreased, blood tonic, treat anemia, tuberculosis ... Many blood cockle and easy to buy, but very nutritious, are regarded as oriental medicine enhance nutrients for young couples.

Now in the the beaches, restaurants, bars or have a favorite is grilled sauteed blood cockle, re me or blood salt duck eggs and shellfish porridge ... especially the blood cockle dish cooked coconut water nutrition, blood tonic, useful 
Adult Sex essential balm are you he considered to enhance dishes very well.

Urchin (sea urchins, sea nhum, ginseng of the sea). According to medical science, Urchin is enhanced calcium, dietary cuisine, magnificent ocean, enhance ...

Can Urchin processing into various delicious dishes such as: Urchin eaten alive with green cabbage, mustard, Urchin cooked porridge, grilled onion ... grease.

Tu comedy (geoduck), is a rare and seafood have high economic value as well with five world, improve good for weak physiological gentleman.

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The dishes with the comedy tu boiled, steamed, grilled, or fat eaten alive with mustard, Cook porridge ... very delicious.

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Oyster oyster meat-flavored folk As sweet salty, cool, non toxic, food to treat many symptoms (insomnia due to the heat, the dry heat and thirst, dizziness, Vertigo, women perimenopausal disorder, postpartum women lack the milk). But with you he has refined, romantic, di weak physiological, impotence, rare late ... then the oysters very well to recover physiologically, coated, additional essential.

Oysters are considered high-end seafood, rich in nutrients, can be processed into delicious dishes such as oysters, Oyster porridge eaten raw oysters, Fried oysters, grilled cheese ...

Stewed oyster meat with long labels, the dried longans slug: Party of 25 g, 30 g meat 100 g oysters, champagne party, sugar 30 g. Logan wash, rinse ginseng party cut meat, chopped washed oysters. For all of the above into the pot and add the sugar to pour 300 ml of boiled water, simmer for 30 minutes. Eat every day eat 1 time help blood gas, tonic cure insomnia, gas damaged, premature ejaculation.

Fish, ginseng (Walrus) cooked with rice, spicy shrimp paste into porridge, adding hot spice ginger 3-5 times/week treat not ejaculate.

Jellyfish out of Apple, low value goods effect of phlegm, obstacles inside due to phlegm low, good for people who use sexual impairment, obesity.

Oriental medicine have smoking envelope Ceiling mixing sea jellyfish help him problem as follows:
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The ceiling of the green tea leaves 1 g, 10 g packs, 100 g sea cucumber, jellyfish 1 result, white sugar, vinegar, sesame oil just enough. Boil the tea water. Tran Thai small packages. Jellyfish finely chopped, blanched and cold water boil, drain and soak in water and tea in 5-6 hours. Add salt, white sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and mix well. Finally ceiling for the dermatome and jellyfish mix well and then eat.

Squid has additional uses of the kidney problem. Ink dish to cook real impairment counties include: 30 g fish 300 g cartridge, gun Nuts, 10 ml wine, ginger, onions 5 g 10 g salt, 3 g, 2 g, 1 g of powder to MSG. After the seed favors clean gun, for Thai squid pieces, ginger, onions in pot with just enough water, boil and simmer about 30 minutes, seasoning, pepper, serve hot. The dish is very good for you.

In addition to providing zinc and some necessary minerals, seafood also is Argynin amino acids create semen, and N-oxide causes an erection of the penis. Each week should eat 2-3 times from seafood delicacies such as oysters, clams, shrimp, crab, served with various vegetables will be very good for gentlemen "hiccups".

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Abalone according to Oriental medicine is a great tonic, helps to increase gas, hypothermia, kidney tonic, against debilitating body and especially good for gentlemen by coated effect, enhance.

Abalone flesh toned, used fresh or dried. Can be processed into a variety of dishes such as soups, stews, fried, cooked porridge ... In cuisine, entertain in restaurants, hotels or abalone mushroom dishes are braised, steamed abalone sauce/oil, abalone, abalone mushroom stew porridge pigeons ... has the effect of Zhuang Yang, should enhance you he favored, became quite expensive seafood.

Particularly abalone dish-n on way to eat once, each 1 month, treating Sonic Fire damage prosperity because of sex, or have the habit of masturbation, kidney Yin exhausted, losing too many strong sex, ejaculation, intense positive but not be essential, essential, essential.

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