Restless, because Jav Teacher of the "five miss DJ beauty

DJ initial capital is not the field for women. But with his passion, many fine people have stood up, and prove Anime Porn that in addition to beautiful face, body swallowing na, I can become a DJ talent, prompting thousands of people have charmed because of the possibility "rotating disk". 

Below is a list of 5 most sexy female DJ, you please do not be hysterical but smashing a computer screen while watching nhé! 

1. Q Katty 

always topped the list of the most talented DJ, Katty Q also makes people fidgety because looks extremely beautiful. Besides skills "rotating disk" were the people in the profession throughout Europe, Asia recognized, Katty Q also a professional model since the age of 14. She appeared in many magazines, fashion collections, as a model for many brands, acting in music videos, commercial opening. Famous brand Swarovski crystal also been looking to Katty Q to invite cooperation. 

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2. Olga Ryazanova 

"restlessness" for 5 DJ Miss beauty - 5 

Olga Ryazanova both a DJ and as a manufacturer of musical talent. Schedule of this beautiful girl is always tight and if a certain stage to invite her performances can be booked throughout the year. But where did that enough, beloved woman face blonde distant owns her "lady dissipated" Paris Hilton is an expensive model photos show. The leading magazine like Playboy often look to Olga if you want a picture she had just sexy, strong, has represented generations of women ambitious new era. 

3. Amely 

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Start a career since 2008, Amely known as the best female DJ of the country Ukraine. Charm and skillful playing of Amely music helped her several times on the list of the world's hottest DJs. 2014, Amely also been to Vietnam to perform and quickly made fans crazy Vietnam with musical talent and good looks than the hot girl. 

4. Leng Yein

5 years old, she has been studying piano Leng Yein. So, love of music grew in her. And so far, she has become a female DJ making Malaysia the favorite country. 30 but this year outside Leng Yein retained as the new beauty beyond incredible 20. She also appears regularly in magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, FHM thanks gu quality dress playing with standards bodies like supermodels. 

5. Colleen Shannon 

oldest on this list, but the sexy Colleen Shannon is not inferior juniors. Female DJs from America many times performed with top artists such as Snoop Dogg world, Paul Oakenfold and Funkmaster Flex. In early 2004, the beautiful Playboy magazine also voted the "face of the month", proved no small attraction. Apart DJ and model, Colleen Shannon passion for acting and singing.

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