The number of sheep will french anal not help you sleep!

Insomnia is a lot of people trouble and pain is very familiar, trying to find people fall asleep. However, not everyone, do you think, from the point of view of science.
Sleeping posture is conducive to health

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Poor sleep can easily lead to the idea of Dutch act

In the counting of sheep jumped over the fence, then you have to sleep, he is very familiar with - image animation, can be seen as a "mumbo-jumbo" dictator can't sleep. However, Dr chistopher W. in the winter, the chairman of the neurology Virginia medical clinic - neuropsychology and sleep, Virginia, the United States, this is not a valid measure for all the people.

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The number of sheep will not help you sleep!
Many behavior is believed to help you fall asleep, you think? He said that women's health
"Many people, when the number has reached two digits of the sheep back, they don't deserve love" - you know, when the digital computing has become more complex, a source of anxiety. When you are nervous, you are more difficult to play, because the ng.Thay "figure, Dr. Venter said, you should try to imagine a scene, an action to make you relax, do not suppress their own pictures of sheep jumping over a fence.
For example, a patient's own imagination in a perfect golf course, choose a car drivers and move to their own professional interests, get out of the car, choose love stick, set the ball...... he never long enough, the first scene he hit another patient. Imagine yourself doing baked banana bread." She never has enough time to tell you the cake from the oven "-.
The photos should be repeated before the idea of sleep. The brain will understand the sequence image of his behavior, leading to sleep.
A wrong behavior of different people often find Dr. fell asleep in winter note: This is the use of drugs or alcohol to sleep sleep. Sleeping pills can give you a long sleep, but will not make you tired. (supplement of melatonin treatment neurochemical cause drowsiness, no effective). Wine, just to give you a complete sleep, tired to sleep, it will affect your sleep in 4-5 hours after drinking the increasing demand for urine excretion and breathing problems.
Action, do 15 minutes to go back to bed by Dr. winter think wrong. If can't sleep, the best way is that you just lie there and rest. Rest, if not to sleep, is also very valuable, your health, and not your hoay all round in the evening.

Other experts also list some harmful habits. For example, is to let the tired fell asleep. This allows you to go to bed at different times, circadian rhythm disorder, it is difficult to fall asleep. At the same time, the habit glance clock when insomnia will make you nervous. Therefore, set the alarm clock and watch the position, you can not see on the bed.

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